Rhyme(s) In Va(e)in(s)

Rhyme(s) in Va(e)in(s)

Rhyme(s) In Va(e)in(s)
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Release Date: 2005

Running Time: 00:00

Description: This is my second album, more or less my first officially released album. The album title has a double meaning: Rhymes in Veins and Rhyme in Vain. This album displays the range of topics I can touch and includes some classics like “Rhyme(s) in Va(e)in(s)” and “Last Assassins”. With features from Mass Conceptz, HizEternal, Mystery, Rasputon and others. There are no more physical copies.

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Track Listing

  1. Listen
  2. Fuck Off
  3. Last Assassin
  4. Rhyme(s) In Va(e)in(s)
  5. War (In My Eyes)
  6. Lies (Don’t Give A Damn)
  7. Legacy Skit ft. Mystery
  8. Legacy
  9. Gettin’ That Feelin’
  10. I Got U ft. Boi Prime
  11. Max
  12. My True Loves
  13. Cali Mind State ft. Halusination, Rasputon
  14. How We Ride ft. Halusination, Rasputon
  15. Let Me Do Me
  16. U.F.O. Prelude
  17. U.F.O.’s ft. Mass Conceptz
  18. If I Died
  19. Rewind