NBA 2k11 – Duck Down MC Contest Submission

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Sup people,

The folks at 2ksports and Duck Down Records are holding a contest to get on the soundtrack of NBA 2k11 and to get sent out to New York to perform the winning track.  Well this is me tryin to get in on that.  I personally went for the get your blood pumpin mind focused treatment lyrically and delivery wise.  Break ankles and embarrass someone mentality HA.

Produced by: Bay Root Productions
Lyrics by: Nepharius (

oh im comin, ha they see me comin/
now they know im comin, watch, becuz im comin/

first verse:
so do you see it, meticulous when I pick with the patience/
on the walls chiseled, my lyrics scripted,
they believe im an ancient/

when I leave, lungs vacant/
bring the heat, sun bathin/
in the street, none makes it/
victory, im attaining/

a lot of you get ahead of your self like a guillotine/
and if I added all of you up, average is what you mean to me/

thats untill, I take it/
express the real, no mistakin/
when revealed, im naked/
lips are sealed, I taste it/

on the tip my tongue, like a word that don’t exist,
and if your lyrics don’t stick, remember its
all in the wrist/

its like i took the words out your mouth/
evicted from your house/
left you in the cold with no self esteem and
a head full of doubt/

and your couch, thats what I slept on/
like your tracks, im on to the next one/
left you in ya place like a cast/
hook: 2x
so try to speak now/
im a leavem speechless/
and then you get put 3 + 3 feet down/
im a leavem speechless/
you will see that you can’t breathe out/
im a leavem speechless/
I can see their weakness/
im a leavem speechless/
2nd verse:
i was told if given the chance to breakem if they reachin/
keep them in complete fascination, erase them without reason/

leave them in dust, theyll eat the dirt off my
shoulders to survive/
move the rock like Sisyphus,
my assists statistics will rise/

my skills not capable of being expressed in words/
im a dead language
like cameras at intersections im watchin u turn/

tryin to get out of my way/
Im comin hard, and theres a price you have to pay/
cuz the refs wont call the charge/

ill defeat any team, its no sweat in my eyes like a headband/
you can’t get your mind right cuz left behind is where your heads at/

ur careers endin, im only statin the facts/
im a be a legend like im located on maps/
3rd verse:
im in ya brain, watch ya chemistry/
I call the bank, watch it shut down/
im in your lane, check ur memory/
I radiate, watch for fallout/

so just hold your applause, we need control on the floor,
the microphone has been exposed and no one cares anymore/

watch the seam, reactin/
off the screen, no actin/
halloween, we maskin/
ur whole team, distracted/

thats what you get, thought you knew me though/
you not prepared, you wont reach my goal/
ill be in the paint, like VanGogh/
i can see the light, headed to the hole/

I gotta sick crossover, I call it h1n1/
1 mistake its all over, on the floor youll end up/

call me Florida bay, im always on top of the key/
defeat me? thats like Stockton blockin a hook from Kareem/

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